In the last dialog, select .NET Core and ASP.NET Core 3.1 as the project target, select Web Application (Model-View-Controller) as the template and confirm with Create. Open the Package Manager Console by choosing Package Manager Console from the Tools -> NuGet Package Manager main menu and type in the following command to install the. ASP.NET MVC introduced a Layout view which contains these common UI portions so that we don't have to write the same code in every page. The layout view is the same as the master page of the ASP.NET webform application. For example, an application UI may contain a header, left menu bar, right bar, and footer section that remains the same on. EdgeDoc ASP.NET Document Viewer for .NET is a JavaScript (JQuery) based document viewing control that can be created on the client side without additional add-ins and communicates directly with a WebHandler on the service side. With this AJAX Zero-footprint Document Viewer DLL, you can create high quality, customized web document viewer in ASP. Edraw Viewer Component for Excel is the enhanced solution of office viewer and focus in the Microsoft Excel. The excel control is designed to handle specific issues that make using ActiveX documents from a non-top-level host window difficult, and serves as a starting place for constructing your own embedded excel object file viewer or editor as an ActiveX.

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